How to Download Music on a Sandisk Sansa MP3 Player

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The Sansa is a brand of portable media player manufactured by SanDisk. As with similar MP3 players, you can add any songs that you have on your computer to the Sansa. This includes music that you have downloaded onto your computer. Although you can't download any content directly onto the Sansa, you can use one of numerous websites or programs to download music to your computer. From there, you can use Windows Media Player to add those songs to the Sansa.


Step 1

Go to the Windows Media Player website (see Resources below) to download and install the program if it's not already on your computer.

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Step 2

Download and install the latest version of Limewire (see Resources below).


Step 3

Click on the "Tools" option located in the toolbar at the top of the Limewire program. Once you do, select "Options." A box will appear on the screen. Click the "My Library" option at the top of that box. Underneath, you'll see a folder that will hold any music that you download using Limewire. You'll need to remember the folder location for later use.


Step 4

Type in the name of a song that you want to download in the "Search" text box at the top of the Limewire program. Once you do, a list of songs will appear in the middle of the program. Double-click on the file to begin downloading it to your computer. Repeat this process until you have downloaded the songs that you want to add to your Sansa.


Step 5

Open the version of Windows Media Player that's on your computer.

Step 6

Click "File." Several options will appear. Select "Add to Library." A box will appear in the middle of the Windows Media Player program. Choose the "Add" tab found in that box. Then, search for the Limewire folder mentioned in Step 4. Select the Limewire folder and then click "OK" to add those songs to your Windows Media Player library.



Step 7

Plug your Sansa into your computer using the USB cord that came with the player. Wait about 10 seconds and click the "Sync" tab.

Step 8

Search for the Limewire songs that you added to your Windows Media Player library. To do this, click the "Songs" option on the far left portion of the program.


Step 9

Right-click on the songs and choose "Add to Sync List." Do this for all of the downloaded songs.

Step 10

Click on the "Start Sync" tab in the bottom right corner of Windows Media Player. Those songs will be added to your Sansa.

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