How to Sync Music to an MP3 Player Using Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player downloads music to mp3 players.

Windows Media Player is a program designed to play media files, CDs, DVDs and downloads from the Internet. The Windows Media Player program provides easy access to various options for downloading and uploading music to and from an MP3 player.


Download Music to MP3 Player with Windows Media Player

Step 1

Open the "Windows Media Player" program. To access your Windows Media Player click on the "Start" button on your start bar and select the "All Programs" menu, then click on "Windows Media Player." When the player opens you will see a list of tabs for use when listening to music and watching videos from your computer or from the Internet. The tabs available for use include Now Playing, Library, Rip, Burn and Sync.


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Step 2

Add the music to the library. You can either purchase music online or you can rip music from your CDs. To add music from the Internet, access a website that provides music downloads. There are many options available including Rhapsody and Napster. If you would rather download music using the CDs you already have, first open the "Rip" tab on Windows Media Player and then insert the CD into your drive. Windows Media Player will automatically begin to rip the music into your music library.


Step 3

Move the music to the sync list. Once you have saved music onto your system you then need to access the music library. To review the music you want to add, click on the "Library" tab. The library screen will open and from there select "Albums." Once you have reviewed the albums you would like to add to your MP3 player, select the "Sync" tab and click and drag the music you would like to add to the "Sync List" on the right side of the screen.


Step 4

Sync the music to the device. In Windows Media Player, sync is the process by which digital media files are copied from your Player library to a portable device. Once you have synchronized music to your device you will be able to listen to it. After dragging the music you would like to add to your sync list from the music gallery you can add them to the device by simply clicking the "Start Sync" button on the bottom right-hand side of Windows Media Player's sync screen.


Step 5

Update your music regularly. There is no need to listen to the same music every day. With Windows Media Player you have the ability to easily delete old music and add new selections. Simply select the device, right click and delete the music you want to remove and repeat the steps listed above to add new selections whenever you desire.




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