How to Move Music From Amazon MP3 Downloader to an MP3 Player

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MP3s can be purchased and then downloaded from the website. Amazon does not have a media player that will sync with an MP3 player and allow you to add the songs directly from the website to your MP3 player. For this reason, Amazon MP3 files must first be added to a media player library that is compatible with your MP3 player. Syncing the device with this software program will let you transfer the Amazon MP3s to the device and listen to that music wherever you travel.


Step 1

Open Windows Media Player.

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Step 2

Click the "File" menu and then choose the "Add to Library" selection.

Step 3

Select the "Add" button and another window will open.


Step 4

Find the Amazon MP3 Downloader folder (most likely named "Amazon MP3," although you do have the option of renaming and moving the folder at anytime) and select that folder. Then click "OK" in both windows, and the Amazon MP3s will be added to Windows Media Player.

Step 5

Plug the MP3 player into a USB port on the computer using the USB cord that came with the MP3 player. Directions for connecting the cord to the MP3 player will vary based upon your particular MP3 player.



Step 6

Press the "Sync" button in the bar at the top of Windows Media Player.

Step 7

Choose "Songs" under the "Library" category at the far left of the program window and all of the music in Windows Media Player will be in the center window.


Step 8

Locate and highlight all of the Amazon MP3s you want to add to the MP3 player.

Step 9

Drag the Amazon MP3s to the "Sync List" located on the right side of the program window.

Step 10

Click "Start" at the bottom of "Sync List" to move the Amazon MP3s to the MP3 player.

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