How Do I Add Speaker Notes to a PowerPoint Presentation?

By David Weedmark

When standing in front of an audience, the last thing you want is to forget an important point. In PowerPoint 2013, you can add speaker notes to each slide. Before delivering your slide show, print a copy of the presentation, including the notes. During the presentation, if your computer is connected to a second monitor or a projector, you can view the notes on your personal screen while everyone else sees only the slide show.

Preparing Presentation Notes

Step 1

Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the first slide where you want to add some notes. Click the "Notes" button below the current slide.

Step 2

Type any notes you want to include when giving the presentation. These notes won't be visible on the screen when you give the presentation slide show. Press "Enter" to add additional lines.

Step 3

Hover the cursor over the thin line separating the Notes area from the slide until it becomes a two-headed arrow. Drag this arrow up or down to increase or decrease the size of the Notes area.

Step 4

Click the "View" menu and select "Notes Page" located in the Presentation Views group. This will show you how a printed version of your notes will appear.

Step 5

Click the "File" tab to print a copy of the presentation that includes your speakers notes. It's always a good idea to have a paper copy of your notes on hand during a presentation.

Step 6

Select the "Print" option from the left menu. Click "Full Page Slides" to expand the Print Layout options.

Step 7

Select the "Note Pages" option in the Print Layout section. Select any additional print preferences you want, such as the number of copies and color preference, then click "Print."

Viewing Notes During a Presentation

Step 1

Connect your computer to a second screen or projector and launch Power Point. Click the "Slide Show View" button beneath your first slide. The first slide appears on both screens.

Step 2

Click the "More" button, resembling three dots, then select "Show Presenter View" from the menu that opens. By default, the presenter view should appear on your computer, including your speaker notes. The slide show view should appear on the larger screen or projector.

Step 3

Click the "Display Settings" option if the views are on the wrong screens. Select "Swap Presenter View and Slide Show" to switch the screens.