How Do I Check Who Follows Me the Most on Facebook?

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Facebook does not have a feature that lets you check who follows you the most on Facebook; however, you can use one of several Facebook applications to determine who your biggest follower or fan is on Facebook. The applications gather and analyze data based on which users like your status updates the most and which users comment or interact with you the most.


Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account home page. Type "My Top Fans" into the search box at the top of the page.

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Step 2

Click on the "My Top Fans" application. Click on "Go to App."


Step 3

Choose "All Fans," "Female Fans" or "Male Fans." Click "Allow" to allow the application to access and analyze your data.

Step 4

View your eight top fans. Choose whether you want to publish the results to your wall or save the results as an image. If you want to do neither, click "Skip."


Tips & Warnings

  • There are several other applications you can use to find out who follows you the most. Essentially, they all work the same way. Other applications include "My Top Followers" and "My Top Friends."
  • Be careful when dealing with Facebook applications, as they are developed by third parties. If you use an application that posts spam on your wall, click on "Account" followed by "Privacy Settings." Choose "Edit Your Settings" beneath "Apps and Websites." Click on the "X" to remove the questionable application's permissions to access your profile.




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