How Do I Curve Text in Word?

By Carol Finch

Learn how to curve and format text in Word by using WordArt tools or by putting your text in a text box.

Word doesn't have a tool that curves regular text in a document, and you'll need to put text in a box before you can apply this kind of orientation. Use WordArt to create stylized curved text or the Text Box tool to curve a regular font.

Curve Text in WordArt

Step 1

Open the Insert tab and select WordArt. Select a letter style to insert a WordArt box. Don't worry if you can't find exactly the right style; you can edit it later. Type your text in the box.


If you've already typed the text you want to curve, select it and then select WordArt and a letter style. Word will automatically change the text's format and insert a box around it.

Step 2

Select Transform in Text Effects to find curve designs.

Select the box to open the Format tab. Select Text Effects in the WordArt styles area and open Transform.

Choose a curve from the options in Transform.

Choose a curved style from the Follow Path or Warp areas. Select the style to apply the curve to the text.

Step 3

Use the arrow in WordArt Styles to open the formatting menu.

Select the box and open the Format tab. Select the arrow in the corner of the WordArt Styles pane to open the Format Shape menu.

Use Text Fill and Outline to change color and type of fill.

Select the Text Fill and Outline button to change the text's fill and outline color and style.

Use Text Effects to add special effects and 3-D options.

Use the Text Effects button to add special effects to the text, such as shadow, reflection and 3-D styles.

Use Text Options to align text and set margins.

Use the Text Options button to edit the text's position in the WordArt box.

When you're done, select the X on the menu to apply the changes.


You can also use Font tools on the Home tab to customize WordArt's font, alter its size and switch text to a new color.

Use a Text Box to Curve Text

Step 1

Open Text box to insert a box in the document.

Open the Insert tab and select Text Box. Select the Simple Text Box option. Delete the placeholder text from the box and type your own.


If you've already typed the text you want to format, select it and then select Text Box. Select Dr**aw Text Box** to automatically insert a box around the text.

Step 2

Select Transform to find curved text designs.

Open the Format tab by selecting the box. Select Text Effects and then Transform.

Select a style to apply the curve to the text.

Hold your mouse over the curved styles in the Follow Path or Warp areas to preview how the text curves. When you find the right curve, select it.

Step 3

Select the text and open the Home tab. Use the tools in the Font area to format the text. Note that the curve doesn't show once you select the text box; it defaults to regular text. However, the curve is still there and will show again when you click out of the box.

Use font tools to change the text's font, size and style.

Change the font and text size in the Font boxes; use the buttons below to make the text bold, italic or underlined.

Use Text Effects to add WordArt styles to the text.

To switch the text to WordArt, or to add elements of WordArt to it, select the Text Effects button.

Use Shape Outline to remove the text box border.

To remove the border from the text box, open the Format tab and then Shape Outline. Select No Outline. Once you have finished formatting, your text will appear with the curve and your additional formatting options.


  • To move a WordArt box or text box, select it and hold your mouse over a line until the cursor becomes a cross. Drag the box into position.
  • To change the size of a box, select it. Use the squares on the corners or sides to resize it.
  • Put some extra spin on curved text by rotating the WordArt or text box.