How Do I Fix My Sony MP3 Player That Froze & Won't Turn On?

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Get the earbuds buzzing again.

Sony Walkman MP3 players, like most MP3 players, can occasionally freeze up and stop working properly. Fortunately, there are two simple ways of resetting the Walkman system. The first method takes only 10 to 15 seconds to complete and is an effective way to troubleshoot most technical problems you may have with your Walkman. The second method, unfortunately, may take several hours; it requires you to allow the battery to drain completely. Whatever the problem is that's causing your MP3 player to freeze, one or both of these methods should clear it up.

Reset Button

Step 1

Straighten the paperclip and set it aside for now.

Step 2

Locate the reset button on your Sony MP3 player. On most models, it can be found near the volume control mechanism.

Step 3

Insert the end of the paperclip into the reset button and hold it down for three to five seconds. When the screen flickers, you'll know that the MP3 player's system has been reset.

Step 4

Remove the paperclip and wait for the system to reboot.

Battery Drain

Step 1

Turn on your MP3 player.

Step 2

Let the battery's life deplete. Since the system is frozen and no music is being played, this will take longer than usual.

Step 3

Check that the battery is completely depleted. Sometimes the screen just goes dark during this process, but the battery is not actually drained. You can check this by pushing buttons or trying to power up the system.

Step 4

Connect your MP3 player to its charger and plug it in to a power source. Allow the MP3 player to fully recharge.

Step 5

Power on the MP3 player. The system should be operating normally again.

Things You'll Need

  • Paperclip

  • Walkman MP3 player charger

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