How Do I Know Whose Number Is Texting Me?

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Find out who has been sending you text messages.

Most cell phones today have the ability to send text messages. These are short messages (usually 160 characters or less in length) that appear as alphanumeric characters on your phone's screen. While sending and receiving text messages to your friends or loved ones can be a convenient way to communicate, you may also occasionally receive a text from an unknown number. If you've texted the sender back, and she won't reveal her identity, there are a few ways you can attempt to find it on your own.


Step 1

Enter the number into your favorite search engine. Sometimes people will post their number while using a social networking site such as Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. Even though the texter may not have intended for his number to be public knowledge, after posting it from a social networking site, it may appear in search engine results.


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Step 2

Use a free cell phone directory such as, or These sites are free, and therefore may not yield as many results as paying sites. You may also be required to enter your own information, so that someone else doing a search on you will be able to find you.


Step 3

Use a paid reverse look-up site such as, or After entering the phone number that's been texting you into the reverse look-up bar, you'll be offered a few different options. In order to obtain a single detailed report, you can pay one fee, or in order to get unlimited access to reverse phone number look-ups, you can pay a higher fee or a monthly fee. After purchasing your plan, you'll receive the information about the person who has been texting you.




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