How Do I Make a Guest Book Page in Microsoft Word?

By Sasha Maggio

Create a custom Guest Book Page using Microsoft Word and free templates available online from Microsoft and others sites.

Traditional gatherings such as reunions and wedding receptions make use of guest books to record who attended the event. Using free online templates from Microsoft Office or other free template sources, it’s easy to create a customized guest book page for any event. The custom guest book page can be designed to match the event decor, and the page design can accommodate any number of guests.

Step 1

Using a PC or Mac with Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word installed, open the Microsoft Word program by clicking or double-clicking on the appropriate icon from the Desktop or Programs folder.

Step 2

At the top-left of the screen, single-click on File and select New From Template from the options to open the Microsoft Template window. You can also browse Microsoft Templates on the Office website.

Word 2013 on a PC

Step 3

At the top of the Template window, type Guest or Guest Book in the search box. Several options for templates will appear in the main Template window area.

Search in Word 2011 on a Mac

Step 4

From the available templates, select one by double-clicking on it or single-click on the desired template and click Choose at the bottom of the Template window on a Mac or click Create on a PC.

Choose on a Mac

Create on a PC

Step 5

Microsoft Word automatically creates a new document from the template selected. Customize the template by adding names, dates, locations and other details for the wedding reception, party, reunion or other event. Color schemes and images can be adjusted to suit the event decor.

Step 6

When ready, click on File from the top menu and Save the Guest Book. For faster access, save the Guest Book to the Desktop of the computer so it can quickly be found and opened if needed.

Save on a Mac

Save on a PC

Step 7

The Guest Book template typically includes a main page and a Guest Book sign-in page. If one sign-in page is enough for the guest list, click File and Print the two pages for use. If additional sign-in sheets are needed, they can be printed by clicking File then Print, and changing the print options to print from page 2 to 2 and adjusting the number of copies to the desired amount.

Print on a Mac

Print on a PC


Guest Book templates can be downloaded from other websites and opened using Microsoft Word to allow customizing and printing as needed. To find non-Microsoft Guest Book Templates that will work with Microsoft Word, open a search engine and type Microsoft Word Guest Book Template or Free MS Word Guest Book Template and review the search results.