How Do I Open a SWF File?

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Any file can be opened with the proper software.
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You can open a .SWF file using software designed for opening Adobe Flash files -- a Flash player -- or with a browser plug-in, depending on the location of the file. If the file is on the Internet, you will need a browser-compatible plugin or player, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website. If the SWF file is on your local computer, you can use a multimedia application capable of viewing Flash files.


SWF Files Are Adobe Flash Files

Unlike AVI, WMV and MPG movie files, SWF files (or Shockwave Flash files) may contain interactive elements, so some media player applications may not display them properly. The Adobe Flash player or plug-in can be downloaded for no charge from Adobe and is available for all common browsers. A browser that is properly configured with the Flash plug-in will open .SWF files on the Internet or on your PC.

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