How do I Program the Remote With a DirecTV Satellite Box?

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Learn how to program your DirectTV remote.

DirectTV satellite system remote controls allows users to browse DirectTV television program guide, change channels and schedule certain shows for viewing. DirectTV designs their universal remote controllers to work with most DirectTV receivers. However, some receiver models aren't programmed to work with the universal remote control. If your DirectTV remote controller does not automatically work with your DirectTV satellite receiver, you must manually set up the remote control before use.


Step 1

Remove the cover from the battery compartment and on the back of the remote and place two new AA alkaline batteries in the compartment. Slide the battery compartment cover back on until it clicks to secure the cover.

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Step 2

Find your receiver's 5-digit code in the DirectTV remote control guide.


Step 3

Power on your DirectTV receiver and push the "MODE" switch to DirectTV.

Step 4

Push the "MUTE" and "SELECT" buttons at the same time and hold them until the green light under the DirectTV logo on the remote control flashes twice, then release both keys.



Step 5

Enter the 5-digit code with the number keys on the remote. The green light under the DirectTV logo should flash twice once again if you entered the code correctly.

Step 6

Point the remote at your DirectTV receiver and push the "PWR" button once. This should turn off the receiver and complete the remote control setup.


Multiple codes may be listed under your DirectTV receiver’s model. If the receiver does not go off during the last step, repeat the steps 4 through 7 for each code listed under your receiver’s brand until you find the exact code.



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