How Do I Report Spam to Chase Bank?

By Chris Hoffman

Spammers often send fraudulent emails pretending to be from Chase Bank or another financial institution. These emails contain links to fake Chase Bank websites that spammers use to steal people’s passwords and online banking information. Emails of this nature are often referred to as phishing emails. You can report fraudulent spam emails to Chase Bank by forwarding them to a specific Chase Bank email address.

Step 1

Highlight or open the suspect email.

Step 2

Click the “Forward” button in your email program. The “Forward” button is often located near the “Reply” button.

Step 3

Type “” into the “To” box in your email client.

Step 4

Click the “Send” button in your email client to forward the offending spam email to Chase Bank’s fraud department. Chase Bank sends you an automated response by email to confirm receipt of the email and investigates the spam message.

Tips & Warnings

  • Call Chase Bank immediately to report fraud if you’ve disclosed credit or debit card numbers, user name, password or other personal information to a spammer. Consult the list of phone numbers on the "How to Report Fraud" page on the Chase Bank website to find the phone number for the appropriate department.
  • Chase never asks you for your password or other personal information by text message, email or over the phone. Only use your password to log in to the Chase Bank website at