How Do I Search for People on Photobucket?

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Photobucket has millions of registered members, so chances are that some of your friends have a Photobucket account. The company has disabled the Search Users feature, so finding your friends using the Search box is possible only if they used their names or email address in the photo captions. To make sure you find all your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Yahoo friends, connect Photobucket to each of these services using the Find Friends feature.


Find Your Friends on Photobucket

Try to find specific people by using the Search box near the top of the Photobucket page. Type the name or email address of the person and press "Enter" to start searching. If the name or email address is included in a photo caption, the photo is displayed in the list of search results. If you can't find the person you're looking for, try the Find Friends feature.


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Click "Find Friends" in the Connect section at the bottom of the Photobucket page after you log in to your account. Click the "Find Friends" button in the Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo section and follow the instructions to connect to the service. A new Web browser window opens; you must log in to the service and allow Photobucket to access your information. Click "Find Friends" again in the Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo section to search for friends who have a Photobucket account. Click "Follow" next to your friend's name to follow him, or click "Invite - Coming Soon" to send him an invitation to join Photobucket. You get an email when your Photobucket friends upload new photos. To see all your friends, click "People" in the Connect section.