How to Access cPanel on GoDaddy

By John Grossman

Accessing the cPanel for your GoDaddy account allows you to fully customize your web hosting account, from adding email addresses to setting up databases. GoDaddy uses a special version of cPanel that incorporates the Web Host Manager (WHM) feature. This feature allows you to control the domain names in your account and perform various maintenance tasks with ease. You can access the GoDaddy cPanel through its web interface.

Step 1

Open your browser and type in the following address into the address bar: "https://[[ipaddress]]:2087/." Replace "ipaddress" with the actual IP address of your server. You can find your IP address in the email that GoDaddy sent you upon registration.

Step 2

Type in your username and password. The username is "root," while the password is your GoDaddy account password. You can also find it in your GoDaddy registration email.

Step 3

Click on "OK" to access your cPanel.