How Do I Access My Bt Homehub Settings?

The BT Home Hub is an Internet access point which includes a modem and a router. This equipment is provided as a part of BT's broadband Internet service. In order to initially set up your BT Home Hub or change settings such as the hub's name and password, you will need to access the Home Hub settings page. This is a simple process as long as you are connected to the BT Home Hub using a wireless connection or Ethernet cable.

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Connect to your BT Home Hub by using an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the Hub, or by using the wireless connection.


Type "http://bthomehub.home" in the address bar of your Web browser to open the BT Hub Manager.


Enter your BT Home Hub username and password when prompted. This will grant you access to the BT Home Hub settings page. From here, you can adjust your Home Hub settings, IP address, firewall and DNS address.

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