How to Activate a Metro PCS Phone

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When you purchase a Metro PCS phone, you need to activate the phone before it can be used to make any calls. This process is simple and only requires a few steps.


Step 1

Remove Metro PCS phone from box. Make sure there is a good amount of battery life as you will need to have enough power to complete the activation call and you may need to power up the phone to complete the activation process.

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Step 2

Dial "*228" on the phone. Follow the prompts for account activation and you will be connected to a representative.

Step 3

Give the representative the necessary information from the phone (SIM card number, phone model number, etc.) so he can find or set up your account. They may also require your personal and billing information.


Step 4

Ask the representative if there is any special restart procedure you need to perform to complete the activation process. This step may vary depending on the make or model of the phone.