How to Add a URL to Yahoo

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Yahoo! is a popular Internet search engine. With several billion websites in its search index, it is a good place to include your own web pages. Adding your URL to Yahoo! allows people who use the Yahoo! search engine to find your pages easily. Follow these steps to add your URL to Yahoo!


Step 1

Go to the Yahoo! homepage. The menu bar at bottom of the page provides a link to "Suggest a site."

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Step 2

Click "Submit your site for free." If you have a Yahoo! account, it will ask for your log-in. If you don't have an account, go ahead and register for your free Yahoo! account. Yahoo! requires registration to add URLs to the site, but this is free.


Step 3

Find yourself at the Yahoo! Search Site Explorer page. You can choose to submit a website or web page URL or a site feed URL. You must use the "http" prefix before the URL.

Step 4

Expect to get a message that your site will be "crawled." Yahoo! Slurp is a web crawler robot that uses data to build an index for Yahoo's search engine. Protected web pages that can't be crawled won't be included in the Yahoo! Search index.


Step 5

Check on enrolling in a "sponsored search" if you want more traffic to your site. The fee-based sponsored search puts your web address near the top of the web page when someone searches. Otherwise, Yahoo! ranks sites according to relevance.

Step 6

Submit a mobile site using xHTML, WML or cHTML for free as well at the "Suggest a site" link. This also requires Yahoo! registration. Video, audio and images can be submitted without cost at the "Submit media content" link.


Step 7

Look into further Yahoo! submission options. Submit products to "Product Submit" at the Yahoo! Shopping site and travel offers to Yahoo! Travel Deals. Advertise your business by adding your site URL to Yahoo! Directory. Go to the Directory category page and click on the most appropriate category for your business. After suggesting your site to the right category, an editor will review your site for appropriateness.


Tips & Warnings

  • A short and easily memorable web address increases traffic to your web pages.
  • Keep web pages updated to keep people coming back.