How to Add Bluetooth to Your Stereo Receiver

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Sync your mobile phone with a home stereo receiver for rich sound.

Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology that can be used to stream music from a mobile phone to a fixed stereo receiver. The advantage of adding Bluetooth to your stereo receiver is that you can use your Bluetooth-enabled phone as a music player, while your stereo receiver provides the fullness of sound and audio response you can't get from the phone. Adding Bluetooth to a stereo receiver can be accomplished by following a few relatively simple steps.


Step 1

Purchase a music gateway device from a phone manufacturer like BlackBerry. Make sure the gateway device is compatible with the A2DP standard, as the Blackberry model is, so you know the device will work with any music via a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

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Step 2

Plug the gateway into the supplied power adapter and the power adapter into the wall. Plug the included audio cable 3.5 mm headphone-type jack into the music gateway device, and then the RCA jacks—the red and white plugs—into a spare output on your stereo receiver. Make a note of the output. Often it will be called "AUX."


Step 3

Sync the music gateway device with the phone. From your phone's "settings" menu look for a "wireless," "network" or similar menu item. Choose "Bluetooth" and follow the prompts. The music gateway device will appear in the list of available devices. Add the music gateway to your phone's device list.



Step 4

Turn the receiver on, select the "AUX" source, and set the volume to a low level. Remove any headphones that may be attached to your phone and play music on your phone as you normally do. The music will play via the stereo receiver.



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