How to Add or Delete TV Channels on a Philips TV Remote Control

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Your Philips TV has a list of channels stored in its memory. This option allows you to add or delete channels that are not automatically there. This simple process, combined with the user-friendliness of the Philips TV remote control, can put you back to channel surfing within a few minutes.


Step 1

Access the on-screen menu by pressing the "MENU" button on the middle left side of the remote.

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Step 2

Use the up and down cursor buttons in the center of the remote to scroll through the menu until you reach INSTALL. Click on the right cursor button to display the menu features.


Step 3

Use the up and down cursor buttons to find CHANNEL EDIT. Press the right cursor to display the options.

Step 4

Highlight "CHANNEL NUMBER" and enter the channel number you want to delete. You can use either the number pad on the bottom of the remote or the + or – CH buttons on the middle right to do this.


Step 5

Using the down cursor button, select "SKIPPED." Use the right cursor to pick "ON" or "OFF." If ON is selected, the channel is automatically skipped when using the CH + and – buttons on the middle right side of the remote. If OFF is selected, the channel does not get skipped.

Step 6

Press the "STATUS/EXIT" button to close the on-screen menu.