How to Add the BBC iPlayer App to a Samsung TV

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Your Samsung TV must be connected to the Internet to add new apps.
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Samsung manufactures a range of Internet-equipped TV sets, which can access a host of different online services using dedicated apps. A selection of apps -- often referred to as widgets -- are built-into Samsung's connected TVs, and you can add more apps as they are released by visiting the online Internet@TV service hosted and run by Samsung. The BBC released an iPlayer app for Samsung's connected TVs that allows you to access seven days' worth of BBC TV programming on demand.


Step 1

Press the "Power" button on your remote control to turn the Samsung TV on.

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Step 2

Press the "Internet@" button on the remote control. The Samsung homepage is displayed.


Step 3

Select the "Samsung Apps" button on the screen using the direction buttons on the remote control. Press the "Select" button in the center of the remote control's direction buttons to open the "Samsung Apps" page on the TV.


Step 4

Browse through the available apps using the direction buttons on the remote control and highlight the "iPlayer" icon.

Step 5

Press the "Select" button on the remote control to download and install the BBC iPlayer app on your Samsung TV.

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