How to Adjust the Space Between Columns on InDesign

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The white space between columns of text can be a design element in and of itself.

The white space between two columns of text on a newspaper, magazine or other publication is called the gutter. When designing a page's layout, you should consider this visual space because it is important for readability. When you create your pages with Adobe's InDesign software, you have control over the column width, the number of columns that you want and the gutter space. Changing these values will distinctly alter the look of your document.


Step 1

Open a new or existing InDesign document. Choose "Layout," then select "Margins and Columns" from the main menu.

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Step 2

Specify the number of columns you wish to add to the text box by typing the quantity in the text field or by increasing or decreasing the number with the arrows next to the text field.


Step 3

Adjust the space between the columns by entering a value in the field next to "Gutter," or use the arrows next to the text field to increase or decrease the space.


Step 4

Click "OK" to create the text box with the desired spaced between the columns.




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