How to Adjust the Volume on a Garmin GPS

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Garmin makes a GPS navigation system for your car. It picks up signals from the Global Positioning Satellite system to keep track of your location and helps you navigate to a destination by plotting a course. If you are driving your car in a noisy environment, you might want to increase the volume of the voice narration, or you might want to turn the volume down if, for example, you don't wish to disturb a sleeping passenger.


Step 1

Touch "Volume" on the main menu page of the Garmin GPS display's touch screen.

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Step 2

Touch "Tools," then touch "Settings."

Step 3

Touch "Volume." Touch the icon of the regular speaker or the icon of the speaker with sound waves to adjust the volume level up or down, or touch "Mute" to mute the audio.


Step 4

Touch "Restore" to resume playing at the original volume level.

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