How to Block Advertisements on a Cell Phone

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Block annoying advertisements on your cell phone.

These days it doesn't seem like there is any place that you can get away from advertising. From billboards and bus stops to the Internet and even in the bathroom, advertising has become a ubiquitous presence in modern society. One thing that is really annoying, however, is opening a text message in anticipation that it is going to be from a friend or family member only to find that it is from your mobile service provider trying to get you to buy more minutes each month. Fortunately, if you want to block advertisements on a cell phone, you do have a few options.


Step 1

Contact your mobile service provider and request that they block certain phone numbers for text messages. How you do this will differ depending on your provider.

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Step 2

Contact AT&T Mobile. You have two options here. The first is you can dial 611 and have them turn off all outgoing and incoming text messages. This is obviously for someone who doesn't use this feature at all. If you do, then you can log on to your account. You can then request that up to 250 email addresses and domains are blocked on all text or multimedia messages sent to you as email.


Step 3

Go to My Sprint and log into your account. You can block up to 50 email addresses and phone numbers as well as types of messages or domain names. To do this, select "My Online Tools," then "Text Messaging," then "Settings & Preferences."

Step 4

Login to the T-Mobile website to use the email spam filters to block all emails sent to your phone. You also have the option of blocking certain emails from specific phone numbers or using key words to block, like "Sale." Log onto My T-Mobile and click "Communication tools." Under "Resources," click "Create spam & keyword filters."


Step 5

Log on to if you are a Verizon subscriber and choose "Preferences," and then "Text Blocking." You can block all email addresses or you can choose up to 15 specific addresses, such as or You also can set up a nickname and choose to only allow texts sent to a


Step 6

Set up an aliases on your cell phone text/email address. Cell phones usually have email addresses that are easy to guess. For example, the address for an AT&T user is the 10-digit phone number@ To make it more difficult for spammers, you should change your address to something more personalized, such as