How to Block Numbers on an LG Cell Phone

When incoming and outgoing calls become a little overbearing, or you just need a break, an LG cell phone can be one of the best phones to have. With a built-in call-block feature, you can easily block incoming and/or outgoing calls. The phone has settings that can be accessed with simple navigation. All you need to know is how to find and configure these settings in the phone.

Image Credit: Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

Step 1

Press the phone's "Menu" or "OK" key, located on the keypad, to access the main menu.

Step 2

Locate the "Settings" or "Settings/Tools" icon on the main menu. Press the "Menu" or "OK" button to select this folder.

Step 3

Press the down arrow key to navigate to the "Phone Settings" option. Select the "Security" sub-menu option.

Step 4

Type in your LG phone's security code in the blank form that appears in the pop-up window on your phone. The security code is the last four digits of your mobile-phone number.

Step 5

Access the "Restrictions" tab from the "Security" menu. Provide the four-digit security code again.

Step 6

Select the type of communication you'd like to block–incoming calls, outgoing calls, incoming messages and text messages–in the "Restrictions" menu.

Step 7

Choose "Contacts Only" as the restriction setting for the option you selected. You will then be able to specify the numbers you'd like to block.

Step 8

Type the phone number you want to block when you are prompted to do so. Press the "Menu" or "OK" key to lock in the blocked number(s). (See Warnings.)


Some LG phone models may not allow you to block specific numbers. This may also depend on your mobile-service provider.