How to Bookmark Pages on the iPad

Bookmarking websites is a useful way of storing sites that you want to revisit in the future. In iOS 8, your iPad has two core bookmark tools -- Share (the icon of a box with an upward pointing arrow) and Bookmarks (the icon of an open book). Although you can use these tools to save, manage and access regular bookmarks in Safari, they also offer extra options. For example, you can bookmark a site as a shortcut on your Home screen and add bookmarks to your Favorites or Reading List folders.

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You can't open regular iPad bookmarks unless you are online.
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Add Bookmarks

When you're on a site you want to bookmark, tap the "Share" button. Use "Add Bookmark" to save the site; use "Add to Home Screen" to add it as a shortcut on your Home screen. Use the default name and location for the bookmark or choose your own. If you're going to bookmark a lot of sites, it's worth setting up folders through the "Edit" function in the Bookmarks tool. You also use this tool to open saved bookmarks.

Add Bookmarks to Favorites

When you use the Share icon to add a bookmark in Safari, you have the option of saving it to the Favorites folder. You can still access these links through the Bookmarks tool, but you get a couple more options. Favorites appear on the screen whenever you open a new Safari tab, for example. You can also add a bar that shows them at the top of your browser screen by enabling "Show Favorites Bar" in the Safari area in your iPad's Settings.

Add Bookmarks to the Reading List

Sometimes, you'll come across Web pages or articles that you want to read later. Although you can bookmark them, you can't then access them offline. However, if you bookmark them to your Reading List, you can read them even if you don't have an Internet connection. Tap the "Share" icon and add the site to the Reading List. Tap "Bookmarks" and find the link you've just saved in your Reading List -- tap and hold it down to save it for offline reading.

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