How to Burn an ISO Image Using Power2go

By Nick Peers

[CyberLink Power2Go]( can burn data to CDs or DVDs, as well as create bootable discs that you can use to install operating systems. You can burn an ISO as a file on the disc -- for backup purposes, for example -- or burn its contents and create a bootable disc. Power2Go supports the ISO format and can open such files directly from File Explorer in Windows 7 or 8.1.

Store the ISO as a File on the Disc

Step 1

Launch Power2Go and click **Continue** if you have the trial version of the software. The core features of the program -- including making bootable discs -- are available in the trial version.

Step 2

Select the **Data Disc** tab and then click **CD** or **DVD**, depending on the type of disc you want to burn. ISO files used to install modern operating systems -- Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu 14.04 -- are too large for a CD.The ISO is stored on the disc as a file if you create a data disc; this option does not create a bootable CD or DVD.

Step 3

Select the folder that contains the files you want to burn to the disc from the left pane and then drag the files to the bottom pane. Alternatively, select the files and click the icon that looks like a **document with a plus sign** on it to add them to the compilation.

Step 4

Right-click the name of the disc and select **Rename** from the context menu if you want to give the disc a more meaningful name. Type a new name and press **Enter**.

Step 5

Click **Burning** and select **Burn Disc** to display the Settings and Information window.If you have a rewritable disk and want to erase it, select the **Erase Disc** option. If the disc contains data that you want to copy to another disc, select **Copy Disc**.

Step 6

Change the burn options if necessary and then click the **Burn** button to start burning data to the disc. The process may take a few minutes for DVDs.To make the disc automatically launch a file after you insert it into the optical drive, check the **Make Auto-run Disc** box and then select the file by clicking **Browse**.You can change the icon of the disc by checking the **Change Disc Icon** box and then selecting an ICO file on the disc.If your data is larger than the capacity of the disc, check the **Auto-split Content By Disc Capacity** box. Power2Go prompts you to insert additional discs as it writes the data.Close the disc by enabling the **Close Disc** option. You can't burn other sessions onto a closed disc.The **Verify Recorded Data** compares the data on the disc with the original files and checks for errors. This option adds a few minutes to the burn process.

Create a Bootable Disc from the ISO

Step 1

Press **Windows-X** to display the Power User menu and select **File Explorer** to launch the utility in Windows 8.1. In Windows 7, expand the **Start** menu and click **Computer**.

Step 2

Open the folder that contains the ISO file, right-click the file and choose **View Disc Image** from the context menu to open the ISO in Power2Go. Click **Continue** if you use the trial version of the software.

Step 3

Click the **Burn To Disc** button to display the Burn Disc Image dialog. The ISO file is already selected. The Burn to Disc option burns the contents of the ISO file, not the file itself, creating a bootable disc.

Step 4

Select the write speed from the **Write Speed** box and enter the number of copies into the **Number of Copies** field. Power2Go prompts for additional discs until it burns all the copies.Check the **Verify Recorded Data** box to compare the data on the disc with the original files and search for errors. This process takes a few extra minutes after the burn is complete.Click the **Burn** button to burn the data to the disc. If no disc is inserted into the drive or if the disc is damaged, Power2Go prompts you to insert a CD or DVD.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid using the maximum speed when burning discs. Depending on your optical drive, using the maximum speed may cause errors on the disc. Older optical drives may be unable to read the data from discs burned at high speeds.
  • CyberLink Power2Go also contains an ISO viewer utility that you can use to view the contents of ISO files. Right-click the file in File Explorer and select "Open With ISO Viewer" to launch CyberLink ISO Viewer.
  • Do not restart your computer or remove the disc from the optical drive while Power2Go burns the data to the disc; doing so might make the disc unreadable.
  • If you stop the burn process before it is complete, the disc may become unreadable, and you may be unable to write any more data to it. In most cases, Power2Go cannot write any more data on the disc if you cancel the burn process.