How to Call Australia From the United States

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Most U.S. cell phones now have a one-touch solution for international calls.
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If you're making a call to Australia for the first time, the long string of numbers and odd spacing can leave you feeling a bit out of your hemisphere. To call Australia from the United States, you will first need to dial 011 from a land-line, or the plus sign (+) from a cell phone. The rest is simply a matter of following the numbers.


Identifying an Australian Phone Number

When listed as an international phone number, Australian phone numbers include a plus sign (+), followed by Australia's international code (61); a one-digit city code between "0" and "8"; and an eight-digit local phone number separated by a single space between two sets of four numbers. For example, +61 4 1234 5678.


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Calling Australia from the United States

To dial an Australian phone number from a U.S. cell phone, you must first dial the plus sign (+), which directs the call out of the U.S., followed by Australia's international code (61) and the nine-digit number that follows. Most U.S. smartphones now offer a digital keypad with a plus (+) sign, although older smartphones may not have this feature. If your phone does not have the plus sign (+), or if you are dialing from a U.S. land line, you must dial the U.S. exit code, which is "011." For example, 011 61 4 1234 5678.


Finding the Time Zone

When calling Australia from the U.S., it's a good idea to check the local Australian time first, or you may end up waking an Aussie. Like the U.S., Australia is divided into regional time zones, and the names of these zones may sound a bit familiar: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST); Australian Central Standard Time (ACST); and Australian Western Standard Time (AWST). To determine the current local time in Australia, use the Greenwich Mean Time calculator, available at various time/date websites (see Resources).