How to Cancel a T-Mobile Plan

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Cancelling mobile phone service can be a tedious and trying process, but T-Mobile has worked to streamline things. Canceling a T-Mobile plan is often as simple as calling the company's customer service line, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind when canceling.

Cancel via Customer Service

As of May 2015, T-Mobile does not offer a way to submit cancellation requests online. The easiest way to cancel a T-Mobile plan is by dialing 6-1-1 from a T-Mobile phone and saying, "Cancel Service" at the voice prompt. The automated system will connect you with a representative who will ask a few questions before processing your cancellation request. You can visit a T-Mobile store to cancel service, but the store manager will likely direct you to call customer service to cancel via phone.


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Be Aware of Financed Equipment

Though T-Mobile does not require you to sign a contract to use its mobile service, it does offer special financing for mobile devices, tablet computers and other equipment connected to its network. When you purchase equipment from T-Mobile, you may have the option to pay for the equipment in installments added to your monthly bill. If you cancel service, though, the entire remaining balance becomes due immediately.


Answering Cancellation Question

When you call to cancel your T-Mobile plan, the customer service representative will likely ask a few questions before processing your request. These questions are designed to help T-Mobile provide a better customer experience, so the representative may ask you if there were any problems with your service and why you want to cancel your plan.



Retention Efforts

T-Mobile will likely make an effort to retain your business when you call to cancel your plan. Depending on how you answer the questions about why you want to cancel service, the representative may make several offers, including discounts and additional services, to entice you to remain a T-Mobile customer. If you choose to accept these offers, the representative will make any necessary changes to your account during the call. If you still want to cancel service after hearing the incentives to stay, simply advise the representative of your intent to cancel and the company will cancel your T-Mobile plan.




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