How to Cancel DirecTV Before Installation

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The setup process for DirecTV satellite service involves a technician coming to your home to install the satellite dish and receiving equipment. If you decide that you no longer want DirecTV service, you can cancel the installation appointment up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. DirecTV allows you to change the date and time of an installation appointment online, but you must call and speak with a representative to cancel the service before installation.


Step 1

Contact a DirecTV customer service representative by phone at 888-355-7530.

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Step 2

Tell the representative that you want to cancel your installation appointment and do not want DirecTV service.


Step 3

Give the representative your name, address and personal information to confirm your identity, such as the last four digits of your Social Security number and your birthday. The representative will process your request and cancel the service.


Step 4

Request a refund of any deposits or other payments you made. Because you are cancelling the DirectTV service before installation, you will not have to pay any cancellation fee, so you should receive a full refund credit in your bank or credit card account within five business days.



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