How to Cancel U.S. Cellular With No Fee

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Like all other wireless service providers, U.S. Cellular charges a fee for the early termination of the wireless service agreement. While the amount of the termination fee will be reduced by a small amount each month following the fifth month of service, the total termination fee can still add up to hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, U.S. Cellular customers may be able to take advantage of changes to the wireless service agreement in order to avoid termination fees.


Step 1

Review all communications received from U.S. Cellular. Ensure that any documentation providing for "material changes" in the form of rate increases is saved as this is needed to terminate the wireless agreement with no fee.

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Step 2

Contact U.S. Cellular within 30 days of receiving notification of changes to the wireless agreement. Reference the Terms and Conditions of Agreement when explaining why the contract should be terminated with no fee.



Step 3

Ensure that you do not use the wireless service if 30 days have passed since receiving notification of the material changes to the contract; this will prevent the termination of the agreement with no fee.



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