How to Change a Computer User

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Switch the user rather than logging off.

The Switch User feature is great for home computers that have several people logging into the same computer. By using the Switch User option, users can access each other's accounts without losing information. This allows a parent who is paying the bills to leave the computer, and not worry about losing the information that they are working on. They can simply switch users when they leave, and if one of the children gets on the computer, they will have to log onto their own account. When the parent returns to the computer, they log back onto their computer and continue where they left off.


Step 1

Click on the "Start" button in your taskbar.

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Step 2

Select the right arrow icon to make a menu appear. Select the "Switch User" option. The computer will bring up the login screen.


Step 3

Select the new user account, enter the password, and hit enter. The new user account will open.



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