How to Change a Net10 Number

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The NET10 company, a subsidiary of TracFone, offers prepaid cellular services within the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Prepaid cellular phone carriers such as NET10 do not require credit checks or contracts. Upon activation of your NET10 prepaid cellular telephone, customers may have the option of choosing a local telephone number. Changing the phone number for your NET10 prepaid cell phone may be necessary after relocating to a different area within the United States.


Step 1

Remove the battery from your NET10 prepaid wireless phone.

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Step 2

Write down the serial number or "IMEI" number printed on the rear of your mobile phone, located on the battery holder.


Step 3

Replace the battery and battery cover.

Step 4

Turn on your mobile phone and call the NET10 Customer Care Center by dialing 1-877-836-2368.


Step 5

Ask the customer care specialist to provide you with a local phone number. Provide any pertinent information regarding your NET10 account, such as your mobile phone's IMEI number.



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