How to Change Home Screen Wallpapers

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Windows provides you with account profiles, which allow each user to set up preferences for the desktop. One preference available is the home screen's wallpaper. The wallpaper is the background image displayed. You can configure Windows to display an internal Windows background, or customize the wallpaper to use a personal image. Each user can have a separate wallpaper without interfering with another account's preferences.


Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button on your computer. Click the "Control Panel" icon to open the main utility window.

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Step 2

Type "desktop background" in the search text box located on the top-right border of the Control Panel window. Press "Enter." In the list of options shown, click "Change desktop background" to open the configuration window.


Step 3

Select a wallpaper from the drop-down box labeled "Picture Location." If you have a personal photo you want to use, click "Browse" and double-click the image.

Step 4

Click "Save Settings" to complete the changes. Close the Control Panel window. Notice your wallpaper changes to the new image you set up on the Control Panel.