How to Set a Powerpoint Slide as a Desktop Background

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to export a PowerPoint slide as a JPG picture file and set it as your Windows desktop background.

You can set a PowerPoint slide as your Windows desktop background by exporting it in the JPG image format and installing it using Windows Explorer and the Windows Desktop Background command.


If your computer uses a screen resolution higher than 1280 x 720 -- the default size of exported PowerPoint slides -- your new desktop background may appear distorted or blurry. While you cannot change the default size of exported JPG files in PowerPoint, you can force the program to generate larger image files by editing your Windows registry. Since the registry is a critical Windows file, only attempt to modify it after backing it up first.

Step 1

Open the PowerPoint presentation that contains the slide you wish to set as your desktop background. Alternatively, create a new presentation by loading one of the built-in templates.

Step 2

Click the slide you wish to export to select it.

Step 3

Click File and select Save As.

Open the Info screen by clicking File in the Ribbon. Select Save As to open a new screen.

Step 4

Select the destination folder.

Select either OneDrive or Computer, depending on whether you wish to save the image file on your OneDrive or on your local hard drive. Click Browse to select a folder.

Step 5

Save as a JPEG File Interchange Format.

Select JPEG File Interchange Format from the Save as Type drop-down menu and click the Save button.

Step 6

Click Just This One.

Click the Just This One button in the confirmation box to only export the selected slide. Alternatively, click All Slides to export the entire presentation as multiple image files.

Step 7

Right-click the image and select Set as Desktop Background.

Launch Windows Explorer and open the folder that contains the exported slide. Right-click the image file and select Set as Desktop Background from the contextual menu.