How to Make My Desktop Background Come in Clear

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Desktop backgrounds can be anything, from vast landscapes to your favorite cartoon character.

These days just about every computer grants you the privilege of your own custom desktop background. You can literally set it to be a picture of anything you want (as long it's in the proper image format). But it's nearly impossible to fully enjoy your own unique background when it's blurry and distorted. Making your desktop background come in clear is easy, but is only possible with certain images.


Step 1

Determine the resolution of your computer screen or monitor. This is crucial to getting the perfect desktop background. An image that's too large or too small will appear distorted or blurry because the image needs to contort or stretch to fit the screen's dimensions. If you don't know your screen resolution offhand, check it below using the link in the Resources section.


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Step 2

Find an image close in size to your screen resolution. If you can't find an exact match, don't fret. Going a bit larger is fine, because up-scaling the size of a small image may result in blurriness.

Step 3

Adjust the image's size in a photo-editing program like Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop. If using Photoshop, open the image, click the "Image" tab at the top of the page and select "Image Size..." from the drop-down menu. Set the measurement to pixels, type the height and width into the appropriate boxes, and confirm the changes. Then save the image as a JPG or JPEG file. If using Paint, open the image, click the "Resize" button on the Image tab, set the measurement to pixels, then enter the horizontal and vertical resolution. Confirm the changes and save it as a JPEG picture.



Step 4

Set the image as your desktop background as normal (right-click on the image and select "Set as background" or "Set as desktop background"). If it's sized properly, the image will fill your desktop completely, free of blurriness and clear as crystal.



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