How to Change Low Resolution Pictures to High Resolution Pictures

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Image Credit: valentinrussanov/E+/GettyImages

If you have the perfect picture for your website or media project, you should check the resolution of the image to make sure it won't lose its quality during resizing. If you plan to resize a low-resolution photo to a larger size, it may appear blurry. Fortunately, a low-resolution photo isn't the end of the world. You can increase the resolution of images to ensure that a photo you want to use can be adapted to your project.


Whether you are interested in using software to change an image's resolution or can benefit from using an online service, a variety of tools are at your disposal. Resizing a low-resolution image doesn't add the additional detail that would be apparent in a high-resolution original photo, but it increases the usefulness of many images.

Using Software on Low-Resolution Photo

Some popular software packages, including Adobe Photoshop and free offerings such as GIMP, provide users with the ability to change the resolution of a photo quickly. For example, with the GIMP freeware application, changing an image's resolution is as simple as opening the photo and selecting "Scale Image" from the Image tab in the upper portion of the display window. Here, you can specify the exact number of pixels per inch (PPI) for the converted image. A larger number of pixels increases the resolution of the image. Keep in mind, however, that an increase in the number of pixels also increases the file size of the picture. Images with extremely high resolution consume a large amount of drive space.


Using Online Services on Images

If you are ready to increase the resolution of image files on your desktop but don't want to download an image-editing program, you can use an online service such as Let's Enhance, where you drag and drop image files into the site's online interface before executing processes on them, including resizing and increasing resolution. Although many online services provide a reduced degree of control compared to software applications, they are nonetheless valuable for individuals who do not have extensive experience with photo editing and want to create a usable product with minimal effort.


A simple internet search reveals a trove of applications similar to Let's Enhance that you can use to increase the resolution of image files on your computer. Some of these programs, such as Pic Monkey, offer varying levels of paid subscription services depending on your specific needs. The chances are good that you can find a service that matches your experience level and photo needs without a lengthy search.