How to Change the Android Keyboard on the Huawei

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You can change the keyboard on your phone.
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The default Huawei keyboard works well enough for many people, but with such a wide selection of third-party and alternative keyboards available, learning to change it might be important to you. For example, you might want to switch to a keyboard that allows swiping instead of tapping or one with an improved predictive keyboard. In these cases, you need to select something other than the default option. You can do this in a couple of ways, but you need to download an alternative keyboard first.


Finding a New Keyboard

If you don't already have an additional keyboard installed on your phone, you need to download one. Go to the Play Store, search for "keyboard," and choose whichever one you want. However, it's helpful to do a bit of research before you settle on a new keyboard.

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When you install a new keyboard, the maker of that keyboard can theoretically access all the information you type, including personal data. This is why it's essential to do your research and only download a keyboard from a trusted source. It's only worth switching out your keyboard if you know the new one is better for you than your old one.


Changing Your Huawei Keyboard in Settings

After you download the keyboard you're going to switch to, enter the menu of your phone and go to Settings. For example, if you want to change the P20 Lite keyboard, access Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and then clicking the gear icon to go to the Settings screen.

Depending on your device, go to Advanced Settings or System, followed by Language & input. This takes you to the page where you can change your keyboard settings. The most important one for your purposes now is the Default keyboard option, and you should tap this. Choose the keyboard you just installed or whichever keyboard you want to use.


Typically, you are presented with a list of all available keyboards, from which you choose the one you want. From there, you go back to accept the change and then try the keyboard to ensure the new one appears.

Changing Directly From the Keyboard

If you don't want to go into Settings to find the keyboard option, you can also change it directly on the keyboard itself, provided you have it installed. Open up any app where you use the keyboard and tap on a field you can type in. Tap the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the default keyboard to bring up the option to change your keyboard, again showing you a list of the installed keyboards and letting you choose. If the keyboard you want doesn't appear here, it wasn't installed correctly. Choose the desired keyboard, and it should update right away.


Changing Keyboard Language

If you don't want to change the entire keyboard on your Huawei, there are plenty of options for making specific changes. The most common thing you might want to do is change the language of the keyboard. Go to the Language & input part of Settings as previously described, choose the keyboard (SwiftKey, for example), and then select Languages.

Your phone chooses the system language as the default keyboard language, but if you don't want to change the system language, turn off the Use System Language switch. From this point, you can activate the switch next to whichever language you want to use.