How to Change the Signature in Yahoo Email

By Nick Peers

Create a new -- or edit an existing -- signature in Yahoo Mail to give your emails a more professional look and avoid the need to repeatedly type the same information into each new email. You can include your name, contact information, a link to your website and even some images in the signature. You can't insert audio tracks because Yahoo Mail doesn't allow the direct entry of HTML in signatures. You can, however, insert links to audio tracks in the signature, if the files are already on the Web. To send media files to your recipients, attach them to the email.

Step 1

Log in to Yahoo Mail, click the **gear icon** and then select "**Settings**" from the menu to display the Settings window.

Step 2

Select "**Writing email**" from the left pane and then select "**Show a rich text signature**" from the "**Signature**" drop-down box to create a signature that can contain text formatting, lists and hyperlinks.If you select the "**Show a plain text signature**" option, your new signature can contain only plain text. You can't use formatting and can't insert hyperlinks and lists.

Step 3

Click the "**Tt**" button to choose a different font and size for the signature text. Click the "**B**" button to type in boldface and the "***I***" button to type italic text.

Step 4

Click the "**A**" button to choose a different text color. To center the signature, click the "**Align Center**" button. By default, the signature is left-aligned.

Step 5

Type the signature text into the box. To insert a hyperlink, **select the word that acts as the anchor text** -- the clickable text in a hyperlink -- and then click the "**Insert Link**" button.

Step 6

Type or paste the URL into the "Please enter the URL for the link to point to" field and then click "**OK**" to insert the link. The anchor text is automatically underlined and its color changes to blue.

Step 7

Add an image to the signature by copying it from the Web and then pasting it into the signature box. *You can't add images from your hard drive*. To copy an image from the Web, right-click it and select "**Copy**" or "**Copy Image**." To paste it into the signature, right-click into the signature box and select "**Paste**."

Step 8

Insert a bulleted or numbered list into the signature, if necessary, by clicking the "**Bulleted List**" or "**Numbered List**" button.When you are satisfied with your new signature, click "**Save**" to save and automatically insert it in all new emails.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can insert multiple links into the signature; just select another word to act as anchor text and click the "Insert Link" button.
  • Change the formatting of a part of the signature by selecting the text and choosing an option from the formatting bar, such as to change its color, use bold or italic, or change the font style and size.
  • You can insert several images into the signature by copying them from the Web and then pasting them into the signature box.
  • To stop using the signature, select "Don't use a signature" from the "Signature" drop-down box and then click "Save." You can't have more than one signature in Yahoo Mail.
  • To insert an audio track into the email, click the "Add Attachment" button on the toolbar, select the file and click "Open" to attach it to the email.