How to Change the Time on a Cell Phone

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How to Change the Time on a Cell Phone. While most cell phones are set to change times automatically to correspond with the current time zone, sometimes it is necessary to change the time manually. Despite the vast array of cell phones available, there are a few standard, near universal steps that one can generally anticipate.


Step 1

Call up your cell phone's main menu. Generally this step is available from the phone's starting screen when turning the phone on or flipping it open, dependent upon the brand or model of cell phone.

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Step 2

Look for a "Settings" option. The cell phone's "Settings" option will open another menu with choices like "Tools," "Personalize," and "Setup." Each menu becomes more specific.


Step 3

Browse through the available options for a choice entitled "Setup" or "Initial Setup." Most cell phones will file the options to change time preferences under this heading along with language settings, backlighting, brightness and other specific selections.


Step 4

Choose "Time and Date" or "Clock." Cell phones often carry a default setting that instructs the phone to automatically update the time and date to the current time zone. Some cell phones will require the user to turn off the auto update option to change the time manually.


Step 5

Type in a new time. For most cell phones, you simply type in a new time using the keypad. Further options allow the user to set the time to a.m. or p.m. and change the date settings.



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