How to Change an iPhone Clock Display

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You can change your iPhone clock display.
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The iPhone clock display styling and settings are somewhat rigid, but several options for simple adjustments exist. The ability to change the time based on different time zones and the format in which the time is displayed are common desires among iPhone users. Additionally, making adjustments to the lock screen display can influence the clock on that specific display.


Adjust Time Zone Settings

The clock settings focus on time zones and format. Time zones adjust automatically by default unless set to a manual time zone adjustment. Using the manual settings is not common, but some users prefer maintaining their home time zone while traveling. It works well as a reference point, especially when crossing through multiple time zones while attending virtual meetings, and making scheduled calls.

Automatic vs. Manual Time Zone Settings

Manual time zone settings simplify scheduling and time tracking in business. Making the switch to manual is simple. Begin by tapping Settings on the iPhone home screen, followed by General and Date & Time. This menu offers controls for the primary settings for the clock display. The menu contains only a limited number of features where users can adjust the clock functions.


If the slider next to Set Automatically is in the On position, this feature is set to automatic, and the time zone changes the date and time as you travel through different zones. To remove the automatic changes, tap the Set Automatically slider to the Off position. Next, type a city into the time zone search area to set the home time zone. The phone now displays this time zone at all times regardless of the actual geographic location of the iPhone.

iPhone Clock Settings

The second major setting to adjust is the time format. By default, time on the iPhone displays using the 12-hour clock format; the clock shows 12:00 at midday and again at midnight. The 24-hour clock format shows 12:00 at midday and 24:00 at midnight. This 24-hour format is often referred to as military time.


The military time formatting is frequently used in job settings to track specific activities on a 24-hour clock. Many businesses use this format to track minutes in meetings. It prevents errors when tracking events and time sequences that occur during the a.m. and p.m., while removing the need for those labels.

Access the menu by tapping Settings, then General and Date & Time, which is the same menu used to adjust the time zone settings. Tap the 24-Hour Time toggle to the On position to use this type of time setting. Leave the toggle in the off position to remain on 12-hour time formatting. After you make the change, exit the screen, and the new settings take effect.


Lock Screen Display

The lock screen displays the day, date and time by default. This display is permanent, but you can change the wallpaper to influence the viewability. Changing the time required to transition from a live screen to lock screen is also possible.

Changing the wallpaper can enhance or darken the time display on the lock screen depending on the style of wallpaper chosen. To make this change, tap Settings followed by Wallpaper. View the options and choose a favorite design or a photo stored in your gallery. Tap Set and choose to set the new wallpaper on the lock screen, home screen or both based on personal preference, and check the screen to ensure the styling looks good.


To adjust the time required to enter a lock screen when the phone is not in use, access the Settings and tap Display and Brightness. Choose Auto-Lock and select a specific amount of time from the list. Options range from 30 seconds to Never, which allows control over when the lock screen time and date display while the phone is not being used.