How to Set the Time on a TracFone

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Setting the time on a Tracfone takes only moments.

Tracfone Wireless specializes in providing wireless telephone service that is virtually completely set up for the consumer when the phone is taken out of the box. If the time settings are incorrect, changing the time is a simple process. Once the correct time is entered into the phone, your Tracfone should maintain the correct time, even if you travel to a different time zone.


Step 1

Charge the Tracfone completely and power the phone on. Depending on the model of Tracfone, it may take several seconds before the phone is fully functional.

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Step 2

Press the Menu button on the Tracfone. The Menu button is generally round or square and is located at the top center of the phone.


Step 3

Select "Settings" from the menu options that appear on the screen. If "Settings" is not automatically highlighted, toggle though the available options until "Settings" is highlighted. Push the Menu button to select it.

Step 4

Select "Initial Setup" in the options shown on the phone screen. Again, if necessary, toggle until "Initial Setup" is highlighted and push the Menu button to select it.



Step 5

Choose "Time and Date" from the list of items on the screen. Press the Menu button to select this option.

Step 6

Highlight "Auto Update" if the feature is set to off. Push the Menu button in order to turn this Tracfone feature on. By enabling the "Auto Update" feature, the Tracfone will automatically reset the time when owner's enter a different time zone or in areas where time changes seasonally.

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