How to Change the Time on Nortel Phones

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Nortel phones (also known as Norstar phones) are phones generally used for office phone systems. Multiple phones will be connected to the same system, allowing each phone to be connected to one or multiple telephone numbers. Changing the time on one Nortel phone on the system will update the time on all Nortel phones on the system that have a display screen. This is useful because the process only needs to be done once for each time a change is needed, rather than having to manually change the time on every phone.


Step 1

Go to a Nortel phone with a display on it. You can see an example in the Resources section of this article. Press the "Feature" button on the front of the phone. Press the following combination of keys: " * 2 6 6 3 4 4." Note that the "" is the "star" button on the phone.

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Step 2

Enter the password for the phone network. By default this password is "266344." If this password does not work, speak with your office network administrator to get the current password. Verify that the password is accepted by looking on the display for the phrase "Terminals and Sets."


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Step 3

Press the "Next" button five times to reach the "Time & Date" menu. Press the "Show" button so that the display shows "Hour." Locate and push the "Change" button.

Use the keypad to enter the current hour. Look at the display which should indicate "AM" as the time by default. Press "Change" to change this to "PM."


Step 4

Push the "Next" button to change the minutes of the time. "Minutes" will appear on the display. Push the "Change" button and use the keypad to enter the current minutes of the current time.

Step 5

Press "Next" again to proceed to the "Year." Press "Change" and enter the year using the keypad. Note that some Nortel phones will accept a four-digit year (such as 2011), while others will accept the last two digits only (such as 11). Enter the four-digit year first, and check the display to see if it appears there.


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Step 6

Press "Next" again followed by "Change." The word "Month" will show up on the display. Enter the current month using the keypad. Some Nortel phones will accept a two-digit month only, such as "02" for February or "10" for October.

Step 7

Push "Next" and "Day" will appear on the display. Push "Change" and use the keypad to enter in the two-digit day. Press "Next" one final time to save the changes.


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