How to Locate My Lost MetroPCS Cell Phone

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MetroGuard reunites you with your lost cellphone.
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Losing your MetroPCS cellphone is an upsetting experience, especially when you don't know where to start looking for it. If you use the MetroGuard phone protection program, you can track down your cellphone whether you misplaced it at home or lost it in another city. MetroGuard sounds a loud alarm through the phone's speaker if you think you lost the phone nearby. If you can't track down the phone this way, MetroGuard shows you the phone's location on a map.


Step 1

Open your computer's Internet browser and navigate to Log in to your account with your MetroPCS phone number and password.

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Step 2

Click on the "Sound Alarm" button if you want to locate your phone using the alarm. Click "Sound Alarm" again to confirm.


Step 3

Listen for the alarm. Follow the alarm to find your lost phone. When you find the phone, click "Stop Alarm" on the Metro Total Protection website, or press the volume up or volume down keys on your phone.

Step 4

Click "Locate Phone" on the Metro Total Protection site if you can't find the phone using the alarm. Click "Locate Phone" again to confirm.



Step 5

View the phone's location on the map that appears. The map shows you the exact street address where you can find the phone. If desired, type your current location to get directions to the phone's location.



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