How to change the time on Yahoo emails

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If the time on your incoming Yahoo emails is incorrect, just follow the steps below to correct it. You will find that the trick is in determining which time zone to select. There are several variations of each time zone. See below for details.

Step 1

-Log into your Yahoo email account.
-Go to the page where your emails are displayed. -Look to the upper right of your screen and click 'options'. -Then choose 'mail options'.


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Step 2

-Look to the left of your screen and click on 'account information'. -This option is located at the bottom of the list on the left. -You will now be prompted to log in again. Log in.

Step 3

-You should now see 4 large horizontal boxes that contain various information. -Scroll down to the 3rd box with the heading of 'account settings.' -In the 'account settings' box, you should see 'set language, site, time zone'.
-Click on 'Set Language, Site, Time Zone'. -You should now see 2 boxes with pull down menus.
-Select the appropriate time zone in the 2nd pull down menu.




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