How to Change the Voice on a Garmin Nuvi for Free

Once voices are installed on the Nuvi, they can be changed anytime.

When you purchase a Garmin Nuvi GPS, the device automatically comes with many different voices to choose from. Different models each have different options available such as male and female voices, different accents and numerous language choices. In addition to these, you can also download additional voices from Garmin's official website. Some voices will have a fee, but others are offered free of charge for anyone who has purchased a Garmin Nuvi. The available voices change so check back often for new options.

Downloading Voices

Step 1

Connect your Nuvi to your computer via your USB cord.

Step 2

Choose a voice to download. To find voices, go to Garmin's official website, type voices in the search box, press "Enter," and then select "Garmin Voices" from the list.

Step 3

Click the "Download Voice" button for your selection.

Step 4

Click "Open" if prompted. This step may not be necessary for some operating systems.

Step 5

Click "Extract."

Step 6

Check to make sure your new voice has been successfully downloaded. Your new voice should be located in the "Garmin/Voice" folder on the Garmin drive. You can locate this folder by clicking on the Garmin icon on your computers bottom right toolbar, or by clicking on "Start" and then finding the folder by clicking on the Garmin drive in your "Computer" folder.

Step 7

Double-click the "Unplug" or "Eject" icon from the Garmin menu located in your computers bottom right toolbar, and then click "Stop," and then "OK."

Step 8

Unplug your Garmin from the USB cable.

Changing Voices

Step 1

Turn on your Garmin Nuvi by pressing the power button.

Step 2

Select "Settings," then "Language," and then "Voice."

Step 3

Scroll through the list by using the arrow buttons and select the voice you would like to use. Select "OK."


If you don't hear your new voice after changing it, make sure that the volume is turned up and your Nuvi is not on mute.

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