How to Change Your Email on Tumblr

By Nick Peers

Discover how you can change the email address on Tumblr if you can't access the old address. Don't forget to verify the new email address.

You can change your email address on Tumblr if you want to close the old address or just want to receive notifications on another address. You need to have access to the new email address in order to confirm it. After you confirm, you can safely close the old email account.


You can change the email address even if you no longer have access to the old address — if you've forgotten the password or if the email account has been compromised, for example.

Step 1

Selecting Settings from the Account menu.

Log in to your Tumblr account, click the Account icon in the top right corner, and select Settings from the menu to open the Account Settings page.


Avoid falling victim to phishing websites — fake websites that are designed to steal your personal information — by checking the Tumblr URL in the address bar. If the URL starts with HTTPS and a lock icon is displayed next to it, the page is secure and has a valid SSL certificate.

Step 2

Editing the email address of the Tumblr account.

Click the Edit button next to your email address in the Email section — this appears as a pencil icon — to edit the address.

Step 3

Changing the email address and typing the password.

Type the new email address into the first field and then type the Tumblr password into the second field. Ensure the email address is correct and click the Save button to apply the changes.

Step 4

Verifying the new email address.

Open the email you receive from Tumblr on the new email address and click the Verify Email Address button or hyperlink to verify the address.


  • If you don't receive an email Tumblr, check the Spam folder; it may have been flagged as spam by your email provider.
  • A reminder displays at the top of the Tumblr page until you verify the new email address. Click the Send It Again link to send the verification email again.