How to Change Your Skype Name

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Your quirky Skype Name might not seem smart after you enter the professional realm where you want to be noticed for your abilities rather than the pseudonym you used in your college days. Although you can't change your Skype Name, which is your Skype username, you can alter your display name, which is the name that people you call see.


Changing Skype Name

The only way to change your Skype Name is to create a new account, which means you'll have to manually reconfigure your contacts and lose any Skype credits. Another user can only see your Skype Name if he views your profile. Although other profile elements have privacy options, the Skype Name is always viewable on your profile.


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Changing Display Name

Clicking your Skype Name -- or Microsoft email address if you linked your account -- at the upper left corner of the Skype window displays information regarding your profile in the right pane. Clicking the display name in this panel makes it editable, so you can enter the name you prefer your callers to see. Skype uses your display name for searches and contact lists. A user can change your display name in his personal contact list, which doesn't affect your account.