How to Charge Cell Phone Batteries in a Car With an Adapter

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If you are on the road and notice that your cell phone battery is running low or dead, you can actually charge the phone from the car's own power supply. This is useful for restoring a cell phone battery's life. In addition, you can use the cell phone while the battery is being recharged, which is ideal in emergency situations. The battery will charge safely in the same way it charges when plugged into a regular wall outlet.


Step 1

Locate a power supply outlet or the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. Some vehicles have multiple outlets, a common place is on the passenger side on the side of the center console. These outlets are often the same size and type as the cigarette lighter one.

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Step 2

Purchase a car charger adapter for your specific make and model of your cell phone. The best way to do this is to order one from your cell phone service provider's website or visit your cell phone service provider's store locations. This will ensure compatibility. You may also want to check the phone's original packaging, as some phones come with a car adapter.


Step 3

Plug the large end of the adapter into the power outlet or the main cigarette lighter. For the cigarette lighter, remove the handle portion, being careful not to push it in while doing so, as this will heat it up. Place the lighter portion in the ashtray. Ensure it is cool to the touch before placing it in a glove compartment or center console section.



Step 4

Plug the other end into the cell phone. Wait a few seconds and you should see the battery charging status show up on your cell phone. If you have a cell phone that has a USB connection as the charger, disconnect the USB cable from the original charger by unplugging it and connect it to the car charger adapter.


Step 5

Purchase a cigarette lighter/car outlet splitter if you need to charge multiple cell phones or devices. You will need to purchase an additional car charger adapter for each additional phone you want to charge.

If you want to charge an extra battery, purchase a battery charger and connect it.



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