How to Check a Laptop Configuration

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Windows has a free built-in utility that you can use to view your laptop's configuration information.
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Although you can view your laptop's basic system details in the Windows System window or PC Info screen, they are not nearly as comprehensive as the System Information utility. The utility displays an in-depth inventory of your computer's system configuration information. For example, you can view your laptop's model type, view the services that are currently running on your system and get detailed information about hardware components -- such as your laptop's disk drive -- and devices. You can access the utility through the Windows Run command.


Step 1

Press the "Windows" key to open the Start screen.

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Step 2

Type "Run," then select "Run" from the Results list.

Step 3

Type "msinfo32" in the Open field, then click "OK" to open the System Information window. The left pane of the window has each system category and the right pane has the corresponding information for each category. The System Summary information automatically displays when the window opens.


Step 4

Scroll down the System Summary information in the right pane to view your laptop's general configuration information, such as the BIOS version and the total physical memory.


Step 5

Double-click a category that has information that you want to view, then click a sub-category to view the information. For example, if you want to view information about your laptop's display, double-click "Components," then click "Display." Hardware Resources, Components and Software Environment are the available categories.



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