How to Check the Make, Model and RAM of a Computer

By Brendan O'Brien

When you are upgrading hardware, such as your random access memory (RAM) or a hard drive in your computer, you will need to know the make, model and current RAM of your system. Although many of today's computer systems are similar in nature, they vary in some of the technical specifications needed to perform an upgrade correctly. Windows makes it extremely easy to view this information in its system summary interface. It takes a few moments to view this information.

Step 1

Press your "Windows" button and your "R" button at the same time on your keyboard. The Run utility will appear.

Step 2

Type "msinfo32.exe" in the field and press OK or the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

Step 3

Click "System Summary" in the left column.

Step 4

View the information corresponding to "System Manufacturer," "System Model" and "Total Physical Memory" in the main window.